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02 Nov 2014

Moves is an app for tracking locational information.

It allows one to enter easily into the world of Quantified Self, where you tracks details of your personal life to learning more about yourself.

I've been tracking my location data for the past week and applying tags to places I visit. I see the real value of the data in the ability to export it and play with it yourself. Without the raw data you are beholden to whatever the developers of a service provide and I am happy Moves sees itself as a "locational data provider" rather than another walled garden.

You can export the data by using the following connected app. The code behind this app is here which really shows the simplicity in connecting to the Moves api.

There are some great opportunities in this area: From real time notifications for events or friends in your area, to predicting when you are sick, before you are sick (yes this has actually been done). The real pity right now is that having your GPS going all the time really affects battery life but I'm sure that this will become a non-issue with time.